about la pieta


The word Pieta means “pity”, “compassion”, “sorrow”, a profound love that neither life nor death can destroy.  It is loyalty to the highest degree and that is God the Father who created us.

On September 08, 1991.

the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God in Jesus Christ made her first apparition to Emma C. de Guzman at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at Youngstown, New York.

Subsequently, on the same month Emma received a heavenly message from the Blessed Virgin Mary that she will bestow on Emma’s altar something that will accompany her prayer journey from house to house. From then on, Soledad (Sol) Gaviola from her home in Kingston, Ontario started the prayer group joined in by some friends.

By October, 1991 Sol found a La Pieta icon from a garage sale. She brought it home, cleaned it and put it up on the altar.

what we believe


Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. We, a prayer group, centered on the “Eucharist, consecrated to the Blessed Mother, inspired by God to imitate her virtues, and loyal to the holy will of God by spreading love, peace and joy.



  1. A prayer group – Our main apostolate within the church is that of prayer and intercession as embodied in the La Pieta prayer book. Other forms of apostolate (e.g., feeding the poor; medical, dental, optical missions, gift-giving and charitable donations, etc.) are only by exception and upon the discernment of the coordinators’ council and the approval of Emma de Guzman.
  2. Centered on the Eucharist – Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is our focus and main source of inspiration and strength.
  3. Consecrated to the Blessed Mother – We are thoroughly Marian in charisma, character and content.
  4. Inspired by God to imitate her virtues – We believe it is by divine inspiration that our devotion to the Blessed Mother be best expressed in the imitation of her virtues. Humility is the distinctive characteristic of La Pieta, and the willingness to work towards being humble is our main disposition for holiness.
  5. Loyal to the Roman Catholic Church – We assert our unqualified obedience to the magisterium and the representatives of the church in the priests and bishops of wherever our group is founded.
  6. Strive to live a life of complete surrender to the Holy Will of God – To be true to our calling, we endeavor to discover God’s Will in our daily life and to subject ourselves to it regardless of difficulties.
  7. By spreading love, peace and joy – Love, peace and joy is the constant message of the Blessed Mother to Emma and the title under which our Blessed Mother wishes to be known. These three are the fruits and consequence of having and striving to live the Holy Will of God.  In our homes and the work place we hope to be a positive presence in our society.


Some other consideration and norms:

On Prayer meetings:

  • There should be no other business except prayers as found in the prayer book and communications of La Pieta matters.
  • Every prayer meeting is to begin, before any other prayer, the reading of the Gospel of the day with a minute or two of silent reflection.
  • Whenever available, the messages of the Blessed Mother are to be read at the end of the prayer meeting with some personal reflection and sharing, not interpretation.

On new members/new chapters: Every La Pieta member is a recruiter.  Interested persons will be invited to attend the prayer meeting of the chapter nearest to him/her.  If they persevere and are of enough number, and after informing and testing them on expectations, considerations will be made as to their attendance and/or forming a new chapter.  Our response to anyone interested in joining is: “come and see”.

On Mutual help. The chapter coordinators, being the elders of the group, are the first persons responsible for the spiritual and physical welfare of their members.  Nevertheless, every member’s need is the care of everyone.