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This is the La Pieta Contact Form, please use the appropriate form for your purpose, Thank You.

This contact form is operated by and all inquiries will be answered by the Chicago Chapter. If you need to contact a specific person or officer please use the appropriate email you need to reach. If the email address of the person is not listed please use the contact form to ask for the email you need or you can ask an organizer. Thank You

La Pieta International Prayer Group Inc.
3968 W Lunt Ave,
Lincolnwood, IL 60172

Telephone: +1 630 309 9687

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note: Don't use this form for your prayer request, we will not  be able to receive your request for prayer intentions if you use this form.  Please use the prayer request form at the bottom for proper delivery. Thank you



note: Don't use this form for your general inquiries, this form is strictly for prayer request. Using this form other that requesting prayer intentions, will automatically be disregarded. Thank You